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Here at NorthCoast CGI we have a rich history in the world of computer graphics covering more than 20 years and counting. When we first started out, we only had Apple Mac II running Adobe Illustrator 1.1. The world of computer graphics has changed tremendously since then. So have we. We have grown from using Strata to Alias Sketch, on to Power Animator and then finally to Maya.

Our professional expertise using Maya has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge in the world of CGI. What is CGI you ask? The short answer is “computer generated imagery” which is defined as the application of “special effects in art, video games, films, television, commercials, and printed media.” We specialize in high-level 3D rendering for advertising and interactive, blurring the lines between CG imagery and reality.

Our experience in the field of 3d computer generated art allows us to bring to life your projects in ways you never believed were possible. For example, do you have a product line that constantly has to be photographed for merchandising, branding, and marketing updates? Constant photographing can consume value time and labor. Using CGI we simply reproduce photo realistic images that deliver the images you need more consistently and timely. The same process can be used to visualize complete end-products still in the development stages. The possibilities are endless. Our portfolio speaks for itself.

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